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What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

The dental assistant is a member of the dental team, working with and assisting the dentist during clinical procedures. The Dental Assistant performs a wide variety of tasks requiring both interpersonal and technical skill.

Traditional dental assistant duties and responsibilities include:

Dental Assistant Duties

Dental Assistant Duties

-Helping patients feel comfortable before, during, and after treatment
-Exposing and develop¬ing dental radiographs
-Mixing dental materials
-Organizing and preparing treatment rooms
-Passing dental instruments and ma¬terials to the dentist,
-Taking impressions,
-Placing topical anesthetic, fluoride and desensitizing agents,
-Explaining postoperative and oral hygiene instructions to patients
-Sterilizing instruments,
-Disinfecting dental equipment,
-Educating patients on various dental procedures.
-Order dental materials and manage dental stock and supplies
-May also provide business office support: payment schedules, answering telephones, coordinating appointment schedule

Computer skills are an important asset to a dental assistant

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