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Where Can Dental Assistants Work?

Graduates of the Dental Assistants program may choose to pursue a clinical or administrative career in a wide variety of settings. The majority of dental assistants are employed in solo dental practices.

Dental Assistant Job

Dental Assistant Job

Others may accept career opportunities in group practices, specialty practices, public health dentistry, government services, hospital dental clinics, corporations, oral surgery, in insurance companies as processors of dental claims, dental assisting educational programs, and consulting companies. They can also find jobs in mobil dental units, nursing homes, the Department of Veteran Affairs, the military. Dental assistants could be representatives for dental practice products. Opportunities are plentiful when you graduate from Dental Assistant Program!

If you choose to become a Registered Dental Assistant, you will unlock doors to careers in many different areas, including:

-Registered Dental Assistant
-Dental Hygiene Assistant/Coordinator
-Public Health Dental Assistant
-Dental Specialty Assistant
-Dental Assistant Educator
The above positions require you to be a Registered Dental Assistant in order to be permitted to perform intra-oral skills on patients.

If you choose not to become a Registered Dental Assistant, you will still be able to pursue many other employment opportunities, such as:

-Clinical Float Assistant
-Sterilizations Control Assistant
-Infection Control Coordinator
-Continuing Care Coordinator
-Dental Administrator/Receptionist
-Financial Coordinator
-Treatment Coordinator
-Dental Computer Operator
-Public Educator in Oral Health Prevention
-Dental Lab Assistant
-Dental Sales Representative
-Dental Benefits Representative Insurance Company

When you graduate, you will also be able to continue learning and updating your skills in many dental areas through seminars as well as night and weekend courses. The opportunities for further education, career advancement and upward mobility within the dental industry are enormous. For many, this dental assistans job is as a stepping stone to more highly skilled and higher paying jobs.

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