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Dental Assistant Salary

The salary of a dental assistant varies, depending on the responsibilities associated with the specific position, employee’s education, years of experience, the geographic location of employment, and demand factors.

Dental Assistant Salary Range

Dental Assistant Salary

Dental Assistant Salary

Dental Assistant (Registered) $28,106 – $40,882

Dental Assistant (Certified) $25,527 – $36,837

x-ray certified dental assistant $25,352 – $35,224

Dental Assistant, Registered Expanded Function (RDAEF) $29,601 – $42,107

Dental Assistant (Certified) Median Hourly Rate by State

California $10.86-$15.11
Florida $12.96-$17.78
New York $13.64-$19.21

Dental Assistant Median Hourly Rate by Years Experience

Job: Dental Assistant (Certified)
Less than 1 year $9.81-$13.04

1-4years $11.08-$14.88

5-9years $13.61-$17.76

10-19 years $15.34-$19.62

20 years or more $15.80-$20.77

Dental assistants typically work thirty to forty hours per week, about 30 percent of all DAs work part-time, and some dental assistants work in more that one office.

In addition to salary, dental assistants may receive benefit packages from their employers, including health and disability insurance coverage, reimbursement of dues for joining professional and educational organizations, an allowance for uniforms, profit sharing plans, and paid vacations.

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