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Cardiology Medical Assistants ~What they do?

An advanced Medical Assistant who, as a result of educational and clinical experience in Cardiology, possesses the knowledge and clinical skills to assist a Cardiologist in a busy clinic with multiple providers.

Cardiology Medical Assistant

Cardiology Medical Assistant

Effective, compassionate but professional interactions and clear communication with patients, family members, and other health team members is essential.
-Providing clear instructions and education to patients regarding their condition and treatment plan.
-Organizational and administrative skills required.
-Critical thinking skills to set priorities for nursing action in a logical and appropriate sequence to provide the most effective and efficient patient care.
-Communicate with physicians regarding patient needs.
-Update patient’s medical chart with accurate and timely documentation.

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2 Responses to “Cardiology Medical Assistants ~What they do?”

  1. Patricia Carter says:

    I am attending ATI in Dallas,Tx and would love to know the role played as an MA and what skills do a doctor look for to become part of the team.

  2. Deborah Simmons says:

    I would to know more about the duties of a ULTRASOUND TECH please send me more information. Thanks D.D. Simmons.

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