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Urology medical assistant-What they do?

Urology medical assistants must demonstrat expertise in dealing with cancer and urology patients and their special problems.

Urology medical assistant

Urology medical assistant

They are remain with physician at all times in the exam room unless asked to step out or sent to schedule a study.

Assisting the doctor in all aspects of the patient’s initial consultation:

-Weekly status checks

-Routine follow-up examinations
-Any emergency visits that are needed

-Schedule and follow-up on all diagnostic studies that are ordered including proper documentation and obtaining physicians signature on test result

Urology medical assistants are responsible for

-acquiring results and notifying said results on all interim reports to the Physician or Radiation Oncologist
-charting information of patient progress on weekly status check sheets and scuts
-Drawing of blood for various lab tests that are sent out in applicable office.

Following up on results of lab including obtaining physician’s signature on test results.

-Practice of safety precautions and wearing of personal protective equipment when needed.

-Documentation of medications that the patients are currently taking, and document any new medications prescribed by our physicians while under our care. This includes the name of the medication, dose and amount prescribed, physician prescribing, instructions, date and nurse’s initials.

-Documentation of any samples given to patient

-Responsible for charting patient’s vital signs, initial weight, and all follow-up weights.

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