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Chiropractic Medical Assistant

A chiropractic assistant is a medical assistant who works under the direction of a chiropractor, and performs a variety of administrative and clinical tasks to ensure a chiropractic office is running smoothly. Chiropractic medical assistant must be a positive and caring individual who loves patient care.

Chiropractic Medical Assistants

Chiropractic Medical Assistants

What do Chiropractic medical assistanst do?

– escorting patients
-reception of patients
-preparing patients for chiropractic treatment
-preparing equipment required for treatment.

The chiropractic assistant may also assist the registered practitioner:

-to lift/move patients
-with group activities
-with certain techniques, eg. cranials etc.

The chiropractic assistant may prepare, apply and monitor and remove the following treatments:

-hydro collator packs
-infra-red lamps
-ice/heat packs.

What is the typical salary for a Chiropractic medical assistant?

Anational average salary of $36,740 per year for a chiropractic assistant.

How to become a Chiropractic medical assistant?

Many vocational schools and universities offer certificate programs for chiropractic assistants, which may also increase employment opportunities and salary

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  1. SMM, SMA says:

    This article was very helpful, as I am trying to get my externship placement in a Chiropractor’s office. In five weeks, I will have finished all my classes for a Medical Assistant, and then will do my externship and take my RMA. Is it possible that I have enough training to be a Chiroptractic Medical Assistant?

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