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Oncology Nurses

Oncology nurses specialize in the treatment and care of cancer patients. They practice in a variety of settings including acute care hospitals, ambulatory-care clinics, private oncologists’ offices, radiation therapy facilities, home health-care agencies, and community

Oncology nurses in the U.S. also tend to specialize in certain cancer types, working in areas such as breast cancer centers or lung cancer clinics.

Caring for patients with cancer can be an emotional nursing experience. There are so many treatment choices available for cancer patients today that the nurse needs to be an educator as well as a caregiver

The usual educational level of the oncology nurse at the time of
entry into practice is a bachelor’s degree in nursing

What do oncology nurses they do?

The roles of the oncology nurses vary from the intensive care focus of bone marrow transplantation to the community focus of cancer screening, detection, and prevention. cancer clinics.

They are teaching, counseling and support functions needed to assist the patient and family to cope with and adjust to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.”

How To Become an Oncology Certified Nurse

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