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3 Myths About Older Nurses

Myth 1 About Older Nurses: Older nurses are not agile or quick, so they’re of little value.

Reality: Some mature workers do have physical limitations, but their
accumulated knowledge, experience and strong interpersonal skills often far outweigh physical limitations. While older nurses might have some physical limitations, staff valued them for their expertise and often teamed with them to help with the physical part of the job.

Myth 2 About Older Nurses:  Older workers are unwilling to learn new technology.

3 Myths About Older Nurses

Older Nurses

Reality: A study by Louisiana State University found that older workers in a state agency were more willing than their younger counterparts to learn new technology. Contrary to the idea that older workers cannot learn new technology, many noted that nurses in their settings were willing to learn and understood the value of technological advances such as electronic health records.

Myth 3 About Older Nurses:  Older workers are more expensive to employ.

Reality: The costs of more vacation time and pensions are often outweighed by the low turnover among older workers. Higher turnover among younger workers means recruiting, hiring and training expenses.
While older nurses might have higher pay than their younger counterparts, the wage differences were not significant. In fact, sometimes, in order to attract newer nurses, younger nurses were paid almost on the same scale. Because of this, some of the long time employees were not receiving wage increases that matched their years of experience. “We need to bridge that gap if we want to keep our older nurses.”

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