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Nurses work with community leaders, teachers, parents

Public health nurses work in government and private agencies and clinics, schools, retirement communities and other community settings.

They focus on populations, working with individuals, groups, and families to improve the overall health of communities. They also work as partners with communities to plan and implement programs.
Cruise Ship Nurses

Public health nurses instruct individuals, families, and other groups in health education, disease prevention, nutrition, and child care. They arrange for immunizations, blood pressure testing, and other health screening. These nurses also work with community leaders, teachers, parents, and physicians in community health education.
Nurse Anesthetists-CRNAs

Home Health Care Nurses-Visiting Nurses

Community Health Nurses

Midwife-Nurses Midwives

Occupational health or industrial nurses provide nursing care at worksites to employees, customers, and others with minor injuries and illnesses.

They provide emergency care, prepare accident reports, and arrange for further care if necessary. They also offer health counseling, assist with health examinations and inoculations, and assess work environments to identify potential health or safety problems.
Psychiatric Nurses

Mobile Intensive Care Nurse

Parish Nurse

Head nurses or nurse supervisors direct nursing activities. They plan work schedules and assign duties to nurses and aides, provide At the advanced level, nurse practitioners provide basic primary health care. They diagnose and treat common acute illnesses and injuries.

Nurse practitioners can prescribe medications in all States and the District of Columbia. Other advanced practice nurses include clinical nurse specialists, certified registered nurse anesthetists, and certified nurse-midwives