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Benefits of Vocational Nursing

Benefits usually include vacation, sick leave,medical and dental insurance, and retirement plans.

Additional Vocational Nursing Benefits:

-Flexibility: LVN’s can work different shifts to fit their needs day, evening and nights shifts are available.

-LVN’s can work in a variety of settings: a clinic, doctor’s office, hospital, skilled nursing facility, long term care, corrections, home health care or even work for a nursing registry and schedule their own day and hours.

Benefits of Vocational Nursing

Benefits of Vocational Nursing

-High demand and good pay: With vocational LVN’s in high demand, the benefits of vocational nursing school are endless. Clinical facilities are pleased to provide qualified applicants with numerous job offers and high competitive salaries

-Potential to progress your education

Experienced LVNs can be promoted to supervisory or administrative positions or take additional training for clinical specialties.

With additional education and passing the licensure examination, they can become registered nurses, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants.

A few go on to medical school to become physicians.

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