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How Do I Find the LVN Job?

Licensed Vocational Nurses can register with their school placement center for job leads.
Direct application to employers remains one of the most effective job search methods. Most LVNs are employed in two industries: Nursing and Personal Care Facilities and Offices and Clinics of Medical Doctors.

-Search these yellow page headings for listings of private firms

The school placement office may be able to help students find a job.


Interested individuals can apply directly to hospitals, clinics, and other institutions.

LVN:How do I find the job?

LVN:How do I find the job?

Home Health Agencies

To get a job in home health care, candidates can contact local hospitals and clinics. These facilities usually maintain lists of practical nurses. When a patient needs private care, hospitals suggest someone from their lists.

Physician’s Offices

-They can also check with private employment agencies that specialize in medical job placements.

Nursing Homes


Employment opportunities also are present in ambulatory care clinics, home health agencies, and acute care facilities.

Long-term Care Facilities

Many LVNs work in long-term care facilities with the elderly which include rehabilitative care, long-term geriatric care, and caring for acutely ill clients who are recovering from major physical challenges.

Hospice Agencies

Residential Care Facilities


Government Agencies

Community Agencies


Newspaper want ads and job banks on the Internet often carry listings for licensed practical nurses. Search the classifieds for nurses needed just in your area.

-Most of these headings can also be found in the Internet section of the yellow pages for an online search. The internet is a great source for classifieds from other cities and towns.

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