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Is the Vocational Nursing Profession a Growing Career?

Employment of LPNs is expected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations in response to the long-term care needs of an increasing elderly population and the general growth of health care services. Replacement needs will be a major source of job openings, as many workers leave the occupation permanently.

Is the Vocational Nursing Profession a growing career?

Vocational Nursing Career

Employment of LPNs in hospitals is expected to continue to decline. Sophisticated procedures once performed only in hospitals are being performed in physicians’ offices and in outpatient care centers such as ambulatory surgical and emergency medical centers, largely because of advances in technology. Consequently, employment of LPNs in most health care industries outside the traditional hospital setting is projected to grow faster than average.

Employment of LVN’s in nursing homes is expected to grow faster than average as well.

Nursing homes will offer the most new jobs for LVN’s as the number of aged and disable person in need of long-term care rises. In addition to caring for the aged and disabled, nursing homes will be called on to care for the increasing number of patients who have

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