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Licensed Vocational Nurse Working Conditions

Licensed Vocational Nurses work in hospitals, long-term care, private homes, physicians’ offices,clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, and emergency medical centers, often around technical medical equipment.

Most hospitals are well lit, ventilated, and have good equipment. Conditions in some work areas may be crowded and noisy.

LVN working conditions

LVN working conditions

Most licensed vocational nurses in hospitals and nursing care facilities work a 40-hour week, but because patients need around-the-clock care, some work nights, weekends, and holidays. Some hospitals have 16-hour (double) shifts; overtime wages may be paid after the first eight hours.

Nursing involves prolonged standing, a lot of walking, some lifting, bending, stooping and reaching.

LVNs may face hazards from caustic chemicals, radiation, and infectious diseases such as hepatitis. They are subject to back injuries when moving patients and shock from electrical equipment.

Other dangers include cuts from instruments, and exposure to infection and communicable diseases. They often must deal with the stress of heavy workloads. In addition, the patients they care for may be confused, irrational, agitated, or uncooperative.

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