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LVN vs RN What Is The Difference?

Many nursing professionals begin their careers as LVNs and later complete the requirements for an RN on the LVN/RN track. LPN provide direct care to patients in the medical setting. They usually work under the supervision of a physician or RN and perform less tasks than a registered nurse.

LVN vs RN What is the difference?

LVN vs RN What is the difference?

Becoming a Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurse usually requires a one year course of study from a vocational school or junior college, so you will get to be a nurse faster. You can support yourself financially as a part-time LVN while taking RN classes.

RNs require higher levels of study: they must attend about 2 years of nursing school to obtain an Associate’s Degree while the BSN or Bachelor of Science nurse requires a 4 year degree.

If you get your BSN (a four year degree) that will help tremendously if you eventually want to go into management.

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