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LVN Program Fees-Vocational Nurse Program Cost

LVN Program Fees are different in different schools. Just few examples:

Cost of LVN program 1:

The following is an estimate of program costs broken down by semester:

Tuition is $300 per semester; $900 total
Practice Insurance $30
Lab Fee/Misc. Fees (approx.) 35.00
Uniforms (approx.) $100
Textbooks (approx.) $850
Post Graduation State Board Fees $300
Approximate Total Cost of Program is $2500

How much should we pay for an LVN program?

LVN Program Fees

Cost of Vocational Nursing program  2:

Fees – $200 non-refundable application fee +$600 non-refundable textbook fee + $3,000 consumable supplies and equipment fees + $3,750 administrative expense + $13,050 tuition = $20,600 total fees due from student.

Cost of LVN program 3

Tuition is $416/semester for California residents. Nominal fees are charged for student health insurance and I.D. cards.

Students should plan on spending approximately $3000 during the LVN Program for tuition, uniforms, books, and the required physical examination and immunizations. Since the clinical portion of the program is taught at local hospitals, students must have reliable transportation to these sites and should budget for these expenses.

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