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LPNs and RNs-Similarities and Differences

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s Current Population Survey to describe the demographic characteristics of LPNs, was compared to registered nurses (RNs) The data indicate the following similarities and differences between LPNs and RNs:




-Both workforces are aging, with LPNs being slightly older than RNs on average

-Males represent a small percent of both workforces, but are slowly increasing

-The western region of the U.S. has the lowest numbers of LPNs and RNs relative to the population

-On average, RNs and LPNs work between 36 and 38 hours per week

The shares of RNs and LPNs working in offices and clinics of physicians doubled and
The hourly pay rate of RNs and LPNs increased 19 percent


-The RN workforce is larger than the LPN workforce, but the actual size of the LPN workforce is unclear because the available data are conflicting

-Compared to RNs, more LPNs live in the South and fewer in the Northeast

-Fewer LPNs are foreign-born, whereas an increasing percent of RNs are immigrants

-RNs work in hospitals in greater proportions than LPNs, and the share of LPNs working in hospitals declined more than RNs

-The percent of LPNs working in nursing and personal care facilities increased, but the percent of RNs did not

-The percentage of LPNs working in the private sector is greater than the percent of RNs working in the private sector.

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  1. gail says:

    I’m a life time student and in love with “Medicine.” I will obtain my AS in Health Science in a few months. I would like to attend Boces LPN program and be employed while obtaining RN transition. Is there a certain age for Boces? Thanks

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