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Tips For Choosing a Vocational School

-Make sure the field of study is for you. You won’t have the easy option to switch majors or careers at vocational schools as you might at other educational institutions.

Be a smart shopper. Find out about the instructors and get a catalogue that tells you exactly what you will be studying. Compare it to similar schools.

Tips For Choosing a Vocational School

Tips For Choosing a Vocational School

-Make_sure the school’s contract makes sense to you. Know what you’re promising to give as a student and what you’re going to get in return.

-Find out about payment plans. If you are getting aid from loans, be sure you know the terms, interest rates and charges you will be responsible for paying.

-Accreditation isn’t everything. Plenty of good schools aren’t accredited, and accreditation doesn’t guarantee transferable credits. Ask about the school’s partnerships with other institutions and what kind of teach-out plans it offers.